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for crew.

Corporate bespoke design solutions for all industries and businesses

Our Bespoke Solution

Here at Sky Soles our principle strength is our 50+ years of footwear design experience. Whether you make a selection from our extensive Corporate Collection of off-the-shelf designs, or develop a unique shoe design with our expert team, we pride ourselves in our ability to design a collection from the sole up - encompassing the client’s brief and meeting the specialized demands of the intended use.

Our design team is at your disposal to create something truly unique and reflective of your company and brand.

First class for your feet

We're all about providing comfortable footwear for aviation professionals and we do it using our Sky Soles Pentagon Approach - a five-step process that comprises what we know to be the key elements of technologically advanced, custom-designed shoes.

Our significant research into the aviation environment, cabin atmospheric conditions and biomechanics of the foot, assist
the conception of our designs.


Design & Development


Customer Service

Future Thinking

Australian Owned & Designed

Sky Soles is based in Melbourne, Australia and is part of the Ron Clarke and Sons Group, a family-owned footwear business that's been supplying shoes to retailers in Australia and New Zealand since 1972. We're all about innovation and quality, making us experts in the field of comfortable footwear.

And our team?
We've got a Designer/ Director that is also a commercial pilot with over 4,30 hours of flight time, and Lead Designers with a combined experience of over 5 years in the footwear industry. We know our stuff!

Our team is ready for take-off.

Whether you're looking for a custom design, a tried-and-true favourite, or just want to learn more about our process and range, we're here for you.

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