Australian designed

Located in Melbourne, Australia; Sky Soles is part of the Ron Clarke and Sons group - an Australian owned footwear business based in Collingwood for the last 50 years. Our offices on Wellington Street are in the centre of Melbourne's traditional textile manufacturing area that commenced deindustrialisation in the late 1970's. Since then the Collingwood area has become a melting pot of creative design businesses across many industries.

Australian designed
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  • Zac


    Why is quality footwear important to you?

    Growing up with a family footwear business, I have vivid memories of thousands of shoes covering Dad’s car and our family home. Unlike most products in the fashion industry, footwear has a critical role to play in general health which varies by application. The fundamentals of supportive footwear made from quality materials was instilled in me at a young age. I’m a big believer in correct fitting, protection and support which has been carried through to Sky Soles’ designs.

    What is your favourite destination?

    London. A metropolis cultural melting pot with significant history in aviation. I have a love of food and theatre and London has plenty to offer in this department.

    Top 3 travel tips:

    Avoid checking in bags, saves so much time!

    Always carry enough local currency to get you out of a bind.

    Blow up pillows are an amazing invention, worth always carrying.

  • Dale


    What is your background in Footwear?

    From the age of 14, I worked in footwear retail on a part-time basis after school. After graduating high school I worked full-time for the next 12 months. From my retail background I moved into footwear manufacturing in the design/development department. After gaining an understanding of the processes involved with manufacturing I joined my father Ron in the family business selling footwear around Australia and New Zealand. To this day I continue similar roles albeit with a greater business responsibility. 

    Why is quality footwear important to you?

    Quality footwear is important to me, because you get the perfect fit, feel and wear. Often cheaper alternatives lead to sacrifices in materials and componentry which effect the fit, feel and wear. 

    Top 3 travel tips

    Do not leave your travel documents in the seat pocket in front of you when transiting aircraft on international flights.

    When getting out of the car, always check you have the travel documents on you whilst travelling overseas.

    Always travel with someone else to check you haven’t left documents behind.

  • Glenn


    Why is quality footwear important to you?

    I believe it is very important to invest in your health and wellbeing. When you consider that to be mobile and active you need to walk and without healthy feet to do such a simple thing as walk to the shop to get your bread, milk and the paper becomes a challenge. Thus, by purchasing the appropriate footwear this will allow you to do such simple tasks as the above mentioned. Whether it be your children’s school shoes, the runners for your exercise or the work appropriate footwear by purchasing the appropriate quality footwear your feet and the health and wellbeing of your body will benefit.

    What is your favourite destination?

    I have different destinations for different reasons…When I holiday with my family we love Palm Cove which is 20 minutes north of Cairns airport. The atmosphere is casual resort living. As the area is predominantly holiday makers the locals make you feel very welcome and understand the importance of our patronage at the establishments. Whether it's the morning coffee purchase, that ice cream in the afternoon or the family pizza in the evening the staff make you feel important and welcomed. Plus, the weather is warm.

    What do you like to do in your spare time?

    I invest my spare time in trying to keep fit whether it’s with a running group, going to my gym or just kicking a footy with my son or playing basketball with my daughter.

  • Susana

    European Sales Director

    Why is quality footwear important to you?

    A great pair of shoes isn't just about style. Shoes are the most important part of an outfit. They are the support of our body. No matter our professional activity, we need footwear that can provide good quality, excellent support on a daily basis protecting our knees and ankles from injury.

    What is your favourite destination?

    London. Is an amazing and exciting capital of diverse cultures. There are great museums, theatre, concerts and restaurants. There is always something new to do and discover.

    Top 3 travel tips:

    Always have an extra USB charger.

    Make extra copies of your passport and important documents.

    Carry a basic first aid kit. Accidents happen so be prepared.

  • Jess

    Office Manager

    What is your background in Footwear?

    I have been involved in the footwear industry for 10 years now. I currently work across all aspects of footwear wholesaling, from customer service to shipping to product development. I travel overseas regularly throughout the year to assist in seasonal range building, which I absolutely love. Working with Sky Soles is the first time I've dealt with the combination of wholesale and retail - should be an exciting mix!

    Why is quality footwear important to you?

    Quality leather footwear is important to me because I neither want, nor have time for, sore achy feet. I lead a busy active lifestyle, I need my footwear to offer both comfort and style – how lucky am I to work where I do!

    Top 3 travel tips

    No matter your age or gender we all need to have the following in the top pocket of our carry on:  1) Tissues 2) Chap-stick 3) Pens (Mints & Hand-sanitiser are high on the list too!)

  • Emma

    Customer Service

    What is your role at Sky Soles?

    Customer service via phone and email.

    If you could travel anywhere in a pair of Sky Soles, where would it be?

    Probably Art Basel Miami, every second person is in a pair of Gucci mules.

    What is your favourite Sky Soles style and why?

    Probably the Gold Coast style, because I am partial to a flat mule and they look like a style I could actually incorporate into my everyday wardrobe.

    What is your favourite country you have travelled to and why?

    Favourite country would probably be India, it’s quite testing as you are perpetually on your toes but the diversity of landscape is incredible and the Classical Hindustani performances are unforgettable.

  • Sam

    Graphic Designer

    What is your background in Footwear?

    There’s no disputing that footwear runs in my blood. My grandfather became an apprentice shoe repairer at age 14. Five years later he opened his own repair store which over the years expanded and adapted to the shifting consumer trend from repairs to sales. Rauert’s Shoex still runs today, now managed by my father. The store is located in Warrnambool, Victoria, at the end of Australia’s Great Ocean Road. Be sure to drop by the store if you’re ever in the area.

    Why is quality branding and design important to business, and how is this reflected through Sky Soles?

    Good design is essential for quality products. That’s a broad statement, but you can see it’s true from the construction of a shoe through to the packaging in which the product arrives at the customer’s door. All design work undertaken at Sky Soles is done to the highest standard to deliver industry leading footwear products and customer experiences.

    What’s the most memorable thing you’ve seen out an aircraft window?

    I’ve always loved looking out the window at the aircraft’s wings when landing, watching the control surfaces move about at the pilot’s command. The ability of flight surely is an engineering marvel.

  • Briana

    Social Media Queen

    How has social media affected retailing?

    The world of retail has opened up on a global level through social media. Consumers now have the choice of purchasing Footwear, shoes, makeup, home goods from anywhere in the world through a click of a button on their phones in the comfort of their home. Making a purchase has never been this easy. The pressure is on retailers to get it right the first time, as the consumers now have the power to share their experience on social media. At Sky Soles we endeavour to get it right the first time, every time. 

    What is your favourite destination?

    Africa is pretty hard to top. 

    Share with us an interesting fact about your role/team/work area

    I met Karl Stefanovic through a hashtag!! I was running the social media for a local pub and the TODAY show was broadcasting in Bendigo. I did a few posts leading up to the TODAY shows visit to Bendigo, got creative with some hashtags and the producer of TODAY picked up on it and decided to bring the whole cast along to the pub!