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Melbourne is an elegant, supportive and stunning style with that wear-anywhere innovation. Providing for everyday demands of air crew working on their feet for long or short periods. Designed with quality leathers to maximise comfort and durability the Melbourne is a state-of-the-art aviation professionals shoe.

  • 7cm or 2.76in high heel
  • Italian Coronet vegan leather lining
  • Colourfast leather linings
  • Anti-microbal properties
  • Calf leather upper
  • SkyComfort - Sky Soles' advanced neutral arch support poron foam footbed with innovative heel and forefoot strike protection
  • Oil and acid resistant sole
  • Airport friendly fiberglass shank design
  • Anti-Static construction with Ortholite ESD static control technology
  • Hardened almond heat set toe box
  • Anti-Slip sole
  • Heat set heel counter

Our combination of the finest grade calf nappa leathers, and soft Italian Coronet vegan leather linings are chosen specifically for their superior styling properties and durability overtime.

These leathers enable Sky Soles to meet the demands of the professional aviation industry, proudly surpassing conventional standards to mould Sky Soles around your feet and become your best friend.

What the crew say about #myskysoles

Feedback from the crew

Love the heels, so much easier to balance and supports weight evenly! The shoes themselves look very smart and sophisticated, my faves I love them!

- 11 June 2018, Janice

I purchased the Adelaide shoes size 39. I am a Cabin Attendant in the NT and I love these shoes. They are comfortable enough  to wear all day on both the Jet and the Brasilia. I can't recommend these shoes enough.

- 4 May 2018, Raelene

Good quality, comfortable, durable shoes. Perfect for all day wear. Unlike other shoes. Already had heaps of compliments about the square toe. A big thank you to Sky Soles. Excellent customer service.

- 28 Feb 2018, Ashley

They feel great and look so smart. The square toe allows room for my toes and doesn't squish them together. I have spent over $500 in the last 1.5 yrs trying to find comfortable shoes. I have purchased AirFlex, Planet Shoes, East steps, and the good ole Payless Shoes which they no longer make. With all of the above mentioned, I had to also purchase gel inner soles, woolen inner soles , heel guards for blisters, band aids... the list goes on. I feel now that I will no longer have to purchase any further shoes, these new Sky Soles Adelaide shoes are the bomb!! They're great! Thank you so much to the Sky Soles team and for the great customer service!! Highly recommend, and not to forget I paid using Afterpay! So convenient!!

- 6 Jan 2018, Cheree

Great customer service . I should have stuck to my usual shoe size but opted for the 40, which were too big . Exchanging them for a size smaller was easy .I was sent a free postage link via email , and a few days later , the size 39 pair arrived . They are beautifully finished , with a padded sole . Very much looking forward to wearing my ‘ Adelaide’s . Thank you Skysoles

- 30 Dec 2017, Veronique

Fit perfectly. I am a straight size 7 however have a bunion on right foot which I was concerned about with new shoe. The leather is so soft that my unsightly bunion is accommodated. Great shoes.

- 30 Dec 2017, Penny

I’ve just purchased a Pair of Brisbane’s & although I’ve only worn them once, they feel pretty good. Very soft & more comfortable than other work shoes I’ve worn. The online sizing chart is perfect. I’m super impressed that they don’t set off the alarm through X-ray machines. Ive also noticed the anti slip sole works well. Looking fwd to wearing them in the future.

- 26 Nov 2017, Sam

I've had my Melbourne's for a few weeks now and NEVER have I had a comfier pair of heels. There was no need to limp around for a week breaking them in and on a recent trip to Hong Kong they were so comfortable I actually forgot to change into cabin shoes. These are the perfect blend of comfort and style.

- 6 Nov 2017, Lana

I've had my Melbourne's for a few weeks now and NEVER have I had a comfier pair of heels. There was no need to limp around for a week breaking them in and on a recent trip to Hong Kong they were so comfortable I actually forgot to change into cabin shoes. These are the perfect blend of comfort and style.

- 23 Oct 2017, Sarah

The Sydney looks very expensive and is stylish. Love the heel! SOP printout very helpful for determining shoe size. SOP guide for wearing in shoe is fantastic! Walked through security with my shoes on. Looking good and comfortable. Love the shoe bag and the shoe horn and the shine pad. Thankyou.

- 18 Oct 2017, Adrienne

Thank you so much for my order which arrived today! I’m so impressed and super happy with both my Brisbane and Perth shoes they are so lovely and so comfortable!! Looking forward to testing them out on my flights!!

- 17 Oct 2017, Kylie

I am absolutely in love with my Melbourne Sky Soles! I have been ground crew for 4 years and have gone through so many pairs of uncomfortable heels that have damaged my feet. I am so happy I discovered Sky Soles!

- 7 Oct 2017, Paige

From the first wear my feet felt supported and cushioned. Great rubber sole for traction and well made.

- 7 Oct 2017, Monica

Just letting you know my Melbourne's arrived, and I love them! Perfect fit, height and they are so comfortable!

- 2 Oct 2017, Melanie

I just got my shoes, popped them on and they feel like pillows to walk on. Can't wait to actually wear them at work. I just know they are going to be Fab!

- 26 Sep 2017, Deborah

I've been wearing my Sky Soles heels full time from day one and I absolutely love them! Good cabin shoes can be hard to find - you need style, comfort and durability. These heels passed the test for all of the above!

- 24 May 2017, Angelica

From the moment I tried on my Sky Soles shoes, I suddenly knew how Cinderella felt sliding her foot into that glass slipper. Stylish, functional and fitting like a glove; I now not only work above the clouds, I walk on them.

- 20 May 2017, Torie

I was so happy when my Sky Soles shoes arrived. The quality workmanship and materials were evident and the comfort and support of the insole really impressed me.

- 15 May 2017, Joanne